LC1060SF Sheet fed Laser cutter

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  • Rapid changing of different cutting images by computer, not only meets the personalized demands but also suit for short run printing jobs and post press processing of large format integrated printing jobs.
  • They automate the die cutting process and are ideal for any shaped boxes and other projects that normally require more expensive mechanical dies.
  • By optical laser tracking system, automatic laser cutting and engraving guarantee high accuracy with zero vibration deviation.
  • By Laser scoring or  Physical  scoring  , client will do short  and long run cutting jobs.
  •  Physical scoring unit, 3D scoring plate maker

Common applications:

 Packaging products


 Design type:    Sheet  fed

 Working mode : Flying

 Max. sheet size:   Max. 1060X760MM  41.7"x29.9"    Min. 4 00X350 15.7"x13.78"

 Stock thickness:   Paper 90-450 gsm, paper board,  Corrugated paper

 Application materials:  Cardboard, cut ready sheet

Max.speed: 7 meter/second ( one laser cutting speed ) 

Positioning accuracy:  <+/- 0.15mm   <+/-0.0059"

 Light source:    10.6um CO2    3 lasers 

 Laser energy :    500W x 3 / 1000W x3 

 Positioning method:   Video capture

 Input file:    PLT, DXF, JPG, BMP

 Power supply:  380V  50Hz  25Kw

 Working environment:   T25+/- 5°C, RH 40%-70%

 Net weight :         5000KG   11,050lbs

 Machine dimension :  10500X3250X2700MM   34'6"x11'7"x8'4"  LXWXH

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