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500F Flexo CTP Platemaker

Panthera® 500F is ­exographic CTP for label printing, capable of processing digital

Flexo and resin plates. It is provided with automatic light path switching, auto-focus

to achieve high-quality laser engraving e‑ect ­exographic system. Featured by stable

plate quality, fast speed, it is the best choice for ­exo label printing.



Supported by professional PaSharp® software, providing trap printing, interactive imposition and

prepress sorting features that make packaging and labeling of prepress operation more convenient

and accurate.

Reliable clamp mechanism and multiple security systems ensure smooth and eclient image

making process.

Use reliable external drum structure to ensure accurate dot presented .

Laser energy auto-calibration system controls the energy of each laser beam for the uniformity

of exposure.

Adopt optic-fiber sensors and high-resolution encoder to dene the exposure starting point that

ensures the accuracy of registration.

Automatically adjust the exposure focus in response to different plate thickness.



Plate  :    Digital ­flexo plate、Digital resin plate

Exposure speed :   1.5㎡/h 16.1 sq foot

Resolution:   4000dpi

Drum architecture:   External

Plate size:   Max:635x762mm 25”x30”

Plate thickness:   0.7-3mm 0.027“-0.118”

Machine dimension:     1560(L)×975(W)×990(H)mm 61.4“x38.4”x39”

Weight :   About  410kg

Environment recommended :   Temperature24-27℃、relative humidity 40-70%

Power supply:  Single phase AC220V±10%,4.5KW



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