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B2 is one of the most popular press formats in the world. If you want the ultimate in quality with an innovative edge, the Shinohara 75 series is not just the right choice, it’s now the most cost effective machine of its type on the market. 

Packed with all the right features to make a difference to your business, the Shinohara 75 makes sense for today’s B2 printer.


• 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 colours
• Perfecting versions available 
in a variety of configurations
• Medium or high pile option
• Aqueous or UV coating options
• Drying options including IR, 
UV and UV interdeck applications
• Ink temperature control option (TCPS)
• Shinohara pre and de inking software (SPIS)
• Shinohara colour control station option (SCCS) for closed loop spectr
al colour control

• Pre-set feeder and delivery option
configs 66

papersize 66


Running Speed        4,000 - 16,000

Max Sheet Size         520 x 750mm   (585 x 750mm version available)
                                      20.4"x29.5"  ( 23"x 29.5" version available)

Min Sheet Size          260 x 400mm     10.23" x 15.75"

Stock range                0.04 - 0.6mm      0.000157"x0.0236"

Max Print Area           545 x 740mm  (575 x 740mm version available)
                                       21.45"x29.1"  (22.6"x29.1"    version available)

Feeder Pile Height:    900mm     35.4"

Delivery Pile Height    730mm     28.7"

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