SHINOHARA Offset Press

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  • Shinohara 52 Series
    The Shinohara 52 series brings a high level of quality and sophistication to the B3 (52cm) format.   This series has all the features required for success in this sector, where short runs are common and quick job turnarounds are a must. Shinohara 52 machines include..
  • Shinohara 66 Series
    The Shinohara 66 series brings the ultimate in press technology for printers with a work profile suiting the SRA2 format, and ensures savings in comparison to the more common B2 format.   The Shinohara 66 series has all the modern features you need to compete in the m..
  • Shinohara 75 Series
    B2 is one of the most popular press formats in the world. If you want the ultimate in quality with an innovative edge, the Shinohara 75 series is not just the right choice, it’s now the most cost effective machine of its type on the market.    Packed with all the..
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