LC330RE Web laser cutter

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Features& Benefits:

For labels 

This fully automated, computer driven, roll to roll Laser die cutter / engrave is for Lable printers who want to save time while imporving cutting presicion versus traditional die cutting.

Mechanical section

1)  Rolling feeding and conveyor platform with web guide and Automatic tension control system and 19 tranform rollers  to   ensure web paper straight,stable  running . 

2) Equipped with laminating, slitting, discharging function , may add sheeting function as option.

 Laser section

1) Using metal tube laser with stable performance, convenient control.

2)Three dimensional dynamic focusing mode, uniform light path, processing is easy

3) Using 650nm visible light to help align and adjust optical path much quick.(optional)

  Electrical and control

1) Encoder is adoped to feed back movement information

2)By monitoring color code ensures cutting accuracy

3) Software with  friendly interface, easy operation on the image positioning, laser power and other        contral actions.

Common applications:


  • Multi-shaped digital labels
  • Security printing ( generates barcodes, numbers, literatures .. etc.)


Design type:    Roll to roll

Cutting speed:    1'  -196’ /min   depending on material

Stock thickness: Top layer 25gsm-157 gsm

Max. roll diameter:      19.7”

Max. sheet width:        2”-12.9”

Max. scan range:       12.59”

Application materials:  Adhesive paper/film

Light source:    10.6um CO2 

Laser energy :    180Wx1  ( Option 180Wx2 )

Positioning method:   Color code sensor& auto deviation correction

Input file:    PLT, DXF, JPG, BMP

Power supply:  A 220v( 50Hz  5-8Kw)

Working environment:   T25+/- 5, RH 40%-70%

Net weight :         2650lbs

Machine dimension :  10”x7.5”x6”

OPTION:   On line sheeting, One extra laser unit

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