Thermal metal CTP 500L

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500L Thermal CTP

The world’s only 26"x25" size thermal metal computer to plate system.

Designed for B3 sheet offset, Web offset printing such as business form and Label. 

The 500L is capable of imaging one plate at high resolution in approximately 3 minutes.

The 500L also includes an in-line processor to develop the plates after imaging.



Economical design for supreme ease of use
Fully featured RIP includes anti trapping, imposition and  software as standard
Low maintenance
Reliable external drum design, with a laser head exposing the plate over a short distance at high speed. 
Ideally suited to thermal plates. 
Advanced automatic vacuum plate clamping system with fixed flexible clamps for stable operation.
Intelligent auto balancing system - no manual adjustment required when changing plate format
Fuji servo motor for high speed drum rotation and long lifespan
Open software interface for connection to various digital workflows



Laser type: Infrared 830 nm

Channels: 32 ( Single laser can be replaced individually)

Plate size:  26.3"x 25" -9.8"x10"    670mmx640mm-250mmx254mm

Max exposing size: 26.3"x 24"  670mmx610mm

Plate type: Metal Thermal plate

Plate thickness:0.15mm, 0.3mm  ( 0.006" ,0.012")

Resolution: 2540dpi

Production capacity: 22-28 pcs/h ( According to plate size)

Plates delivery:Auto load/unload with inline plate processor 

Software interface:Open , can work with other digital workflow

machine dimension: 50"x 59'x46.4"


Power supply: AC 220V+/-10%, 2.5kw

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