Shinohara 66 Series

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High Pile, Double Diameter Cylinder, Ink Roller Washer,
Semi-auto plate changing, CPC,CIP3,SPIS( ShinoharaPre Ink System)
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The Shinohara 66 series brings the ultimate in press technology for printers with a work profile suiting the SRA2 format, and ensures savings in comparison to the more common B2 format.

The Shinohara 66 series has all the modern features you need to compete in the modern print marketplace including CIP integration, preset inking and much more


• 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 colours
• Perfecting versions available 
in a variety of configurations
• Medium or high pile option
• Aqueous and UV coating options
• Drying options including IR, 
UV and UV interdeck applications
• Ink temperature control option (TCPS)
• Shinohara pre and de inking software (SPIS)
• Shinohara colour control station option (SCCS) for closed loop spectral colour control
• Pre-set feeder and delivery option

configs 66

papersize 66

  • Running Speed      4,000 - 16,000

    Max Sheet Size       508 x 660mm        20"x26"

    Min Sheet Size        200 x 296mm        7.8"x11.6"

    Stock range             0.04 - 0.6mm*         0.00157"- 0.0236"

    Max Print Area         470 x 650mm         18.5"x25.6"

    Feeder Pile Height      900mm   35.4"

    Delivery Pile Height    730mm   28.7"

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