Shinohara 52 Series

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The Shinohara 52 series brings a high level of quality and sophistication to the B3 (52cm) format.


This series has all the features required for success in this sector, where short runs are common and quick job turnarounds are a must. Shinohara 52 machines include all the latest technology for automated makereadies, productivity and quality.


• 4, 5, 6 or 8 colours
• Perfecting versions available in a variety of configurations
• IR drying option
• Shinohara pre and de inking software (SPIS)
• Shinohara colour control station option (SCCS) for closed loop spectral colour control


configs 92


papersize 66    

Running Speed       3,000 - 15,200

Max Sheet Size       370 x 520mm  14.5"x 20.5"

Min Sheet Size      100 x 148mm (182 x 210mm perfecting)
                                  4"x5.8"     (7.1"x 8.3"  perfecting)

Stock range          0.04 - 0.4mm  (0.3mm perfecting)

Max Print Area     360 x 510mm   (350 x 510mm perfecting)
                                14.17"x20"   (13.78"x 20" perfecting)

Feeder Pile Height        900mm  35.4"

Delivery Pile Height      420mm  16.5"

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