PUR Adventure Perfect Binding

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             No smoke, no smell,    Green production !


Made in Italy

Max speed 200 book/h

Max binding size 17.7”×13”  450mmx330mm

Min binding size 4.7”×4”      120mmx100mm

Min cover size 9.4”×4”         240mmx110mm

Max cover size 27.5”×17.3”   700mmx440mm

Book spine thickness 0.12”-1.97”   3-50mm

Overall dimension(ft) 6x2.6x4      1230mmx790mmx1850mm

Weight 160kg

Power supply Single-phase 220V, 4.6KW

Max compressed air pressure 0.8Mpa

The Adventure is a small perfect binder using PUR adhesives or Hot Melt for the production of:
● Perfect bound soft cover books
● Book blocks for photo-books, also with photographic paper
● Book blocks with endpapers and lining for hard cover binding
The machine  computer controlled size changes which  perform automatically in a few seconds,easy operation
● Closed and integrated PUR system with nozzles for maximum safety( New Bind PUR Systewm patented)
● No open heat,no vapor release , no glue contamination
● No pre-curing of PUR glue 
● Excellent thin glue coating
● Waste of glue reduced to minimum
● Simple cleaning of glue injectors
● Extremely flexible size changes
● Possibility to use all brands of PUR or Hot Melt available on the market
● Touch screen support muti languages
● Counter
● Auto formate change and job memory
● Diagnostics and controls
● Temperature control
● Automatic size adjustment
● Automatic clamp adjustment
● Automatic clamp opening/closing
● Paper chip removal
● Thickness control w/ automatic adjustment
● Automatic cover rear register guide
● Milling adjustment 0-2 mm
● Guides for lining material
○ Separate Cleaner nozzle (Option) 
                                                        PUR for book binding


 Flexibility, wide range of bound products, more service to clients


PUR (polyurethane reactive) is a hot melt adhesive, which reacts with moisture in the air and substrates and expands the Molecular chain linkage and thus forms a significantly stronger bond than a conventional EVA hot melt. The page pull strength of a PUR-bound book (27 N/mm3) is more than 5.5 times that of a standard perfect-bound book using EVA adhesive (4.9 N/mm3).

The first generation of PUR glue was introduced in 1985, followed by the second generation in 1996 and the third generation in 2000. The third generation PUR glue has a curing time of about 16 hours.


 Bondable to Various Surfaces

PUR has a broader array of paper surfaces to which it can bond compared with EVA. These paper surfaces include printed paper, coated paper, plastic paper etc. Because of the missing moisture in the glue, even papers with wrong grain direction can be processed without problems.


 Flat Book Opening

The strong binding strength of PUR allows for less amount of glue applied. Thinner glue coating and the flexibility of the gluecreates flat book opening and superior spine formation.


 Durable book Quality

PUR is largely impervious to temperature and humidity extremes. The temperature resistance for PUR is from -40°C to



PUR is environmentally friendly and makes the books easier to recycle than those with hot melt. The PUR glue temperature

(120 °C) is lower than EVA glue temperature (150-180°C) and thus saves energy.


 Cost Competitiveness

For a standard PUR glue consumption is about 75% lower than EVA glue consumption for the same amount of booksproduced (assuming an application thickness of 0.55mm for PUR and an application thickness of 2.5mm for EVA). The lower glue consumption justifies the relative higher unit cost of PUR glue.

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